Trials in Typography II: Wind

The second part of the typography series. A project I started in an effort to improve my graphic design skills using Photoshop CS6 Extended. (I have yet to take advantage of the amazing 3-D capabilities of this program … one thing at a time!) 

So we played with fire in a tutorial which inspired me to learn more. The most likely candidate after fire is water and now a “windy text.” Earth is next but I am really struggling with that one so it’ll be a while!  

When brainstorming for ideas I was talking to my son … really I was talking to myself … aloud … in my teenagers general direction asking “How in the h-e-double-hockey-sticks am I gonna make a word look like (invisible) wind?!”  

In reply, he immediately suggested a tornado. I said “You’re a Genius!” 

It’s an intense feeling … A magic moment when mental lightning strikes and a creative piece of work is truly born!

A few hours and nearly 50 layers later, we have my first tornado and windy text:

Tornado-Wind-Text-ExampleYou know how sometimes we know things but never get to do anything with the knowledge?! Well, it feels great to have the opportunity to utilize a new skill and the technique for rendering clouds really came in handy for this project.

In regards to a tutorial, yes … I do have a screen capture video that I made while creating this wind tornado.  It’s not ready yet, but I plan to add it to this post eventually. It needs some serious editing (my design space kept getting invaded by children asking for things; I was probably interrupted a good 10 times! So as I kept losing track of what I was doing, my mouse pointer was going spastic on the screen and it’s hard to see what and when I’m doing certain actions!) 



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