Trials in Typography I: Water

Creating this Water Text in Photoshop CS6 Extended was super easy and I really enjoyed it.

After following the fire and cloud tutorials, I was itching to see what I could come up with on my own. Figured I’d keep on this natural element concept and Water was the first trial. The first step was to get a mental picture. The ultimate goal was to make it look smooth but also like it’s in motion.

To achieve that effect I did the following:

  1.  Blue and white linear gradients to make a smooth background.
  2. Add a light transparent layer of texture to the darkest area of the blue water (bottom) and then blend with a soft eraser.
  3. Add text.
  4. Create a duplicate layer of text. Rotate. Flip the layer (horizontally) to make the reflection.
  5. Add separate layers of satin and water textures to the primary text.
  6. Add an artistic filter to distort (pull) the reflection text to give the appearance of movement.
  7. Lastly to give it a little pop, add a soft glow to give the illusion that light is coming from behind. (After all, there is no reflection without light!)

Water Text in Photoshop CS6

Voila! I love it.

Designs can always be better, but everyone’s gotta start somewhere!



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