Some Things Should be Left Unsaid

The following lil’ tidbit of Negative Nancy was expelled through my fingertips a few years back. Thankfully the draft was left unpublished, until now:

Rewind to the summer before my daughter started kindergarten

Damn it! … I just realized my hair appointment is today and I forgot to get a babysitter! FML!!!

Kindergarten (for my youngest child) starts soon & it will be so-so-so nice to be able to

  1. Get my hair cut by myself
  2. Go to the doctor when something feels wrong
  3. Get my annual tooth cleaning (because that empty chair in the dental office is under no circumstances meant for kids.)
  4. Grocery shopping for crying out loud … without dragging the kids along or having to schedule and pay a babysitter!
  5. Read a book
  6. Paint a picture
  7. Enjoy an afternoon delight …
  8.  … … …

The list goes on, and you know it. I cannot fully express my excitement for this moment.


Here’s to the last 12 years of motherhood … & to my ecstatic anticipation of daily self fulfillment!

So glad I didn’t impulsively hit the “Publish” button in such a stupid stress filled moment of daily life.

Nobody cares to read that. It’s safe to say there’s enough of this whiny garbage on Facebook, I will not be a contributor. (Shoot… I delete those people!)

Fast forward to present day:

Consider me an optimist. A positive thinker. At least I try to be.

Yes, I guess we all have our moments. Motherhood is hard. Everything I said was true and I do not regret thinking those thoughts … but nobody has time to read complaints.

Life is too short.

Today I post this old hissy-fit-grown-woman-tantrum today because I am proud of myself. Proud of making the decision NOT to impulsively post this nonsense during a justifiable fit of motherly rage.

It’s ultimately a lesson in self improvement and a point I’m stressing to myself publicly … and to you reader: a great big thank you for enduring it 🙂

The blog is a journal of growth; experience; a chronicle of what matters most.

Never a ranting room!

 (Time out; remember when you were a kid and mom yelled using your full name & you knew you were in big trouble! Say the following in that angry mom voice.)

Don’t say things like “FML” because you are grateful for your existence and that kind of negativity just breeds more negativity. You are BETTER than that!

In conclusion, our internet is overflowing with negative people posting crap nonsense that spreads faster than happy thoughts, but I will not be a part of it … It’s not who I am, and it is not the direction I intend to steer this blog. – Thank you.

Love Life.




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