One of THESE Days

You know how people say “It’s been one of those days!” Implying the day has been so unbelievably awful that they’d prefer it to be over, rather than endure the day for one more moment. Forget those days. I want more of these days. A day like today. A day that is not special or significant in any way, but for whatever reason I’m simply floating. 

Days like these, the universe works in my favor. I feel not powerful, but invincibly timeless. As if every clock has stopped, and the hours slowed so that I may simply stop. Embrace this moment, this wonderful day. 

In the first few hours of daylight, I’ve accomplished more than I would in an average fortnight. It’s not yet even lunchtime. There’s no telling what the rest of the day will bring and truth be told, it doesn’t matter. You can have all of those days … I need more days like these.

The above post was written 850 days before the date of this posting. 


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