Crawling Out, From Under My Rock

Got a new domain name if you take notice up top, this site is now I know it’s a mouth full, but I’m pretty excited about it. Originally it was meant to be a personal photography focused blog, I’ve found that’s not enough for me … Say it was less than authentic.

The new Crawling Out site will be my journal. Documentation. Discovering the world around me, and ultimately crawling out from under the rock in which I have lived much of my life.

The hard part was admitting my own human ignorance to myself. Realizing the plethora of things nobody had ever taught me, and most of what I thought I knew, was nonsense.

The hardest part now, is knowing (and seeing everyday) how many people are still living in the dark ages under their own little rocks. People, it is time to crawl out! That’s what this new site is all about: Self Improvement. Truth. Discovery.

After celebrating my survival of three long short decades on this planet, my mentality shifted drastically. Realizing I no longer yearned approval outside myself, reminded me of a more desperate time. During my rather disruptive adolescence, I can recall screaming at the sky, arms wide and spinning on a rooftop “I don’t f’ing care what you think!” and while I meant it with every ounce of my youthful body and wild soul, I can say it now with confidence for the first time in my life.

To clarify, I do care … I care about personal presentation, creative expression, and self respect; among other things. Of course I want the world to perceive me as I envision myself, but understand that perception is a bitch not worth the hang up.

Living in Okinawa on what I like to call Island Time, allowed me stop and notice my surroundings like never before. Forcing me to ask questions, that I dared never ask. More importantly, search for answers that once upon a time I believed could not be found.

Maybe it’s not the most unique blog, I’m far from the first to write about life and accompany with pictures. Photographers, well everyone is a photographer now. Images are so critical to the daily workings of our current world, that photography has become an unappreciated commodity, demanded by all, respected by few.  Loved mostly by those who understand the craft as an art and a science, as well as those extremely clueless. Everyone in between could give a rat’s ass.

Shooters and shots are equally taken for granted by our new high resolution, digital existence.

The blog, I will do it right this time. Feeling good; ready to start something that will not only allow me to express and remember with clarity the moments I want, scratch that need to remember.  In turn may I help others; as so many writers, photographers and artists have helped me realize my own potential over the last few years.

Jumped on the blogger bandwagon in 2008, but fell off head first over and over again. My blogging experience has been one tragic hay ride after another! The difference is that I feel it in my bones this time. It’s like I’m forming new neural pathways daily,  bursting with ideas; overflowing with information that hasn’t faded since I thought it up last year. I’ve been taking notes, compiling lists all over the place.

The excitement is as great today as it was the day the idea hit me. I recall thinking, Don’t be rash …  Fools rush in … take your time … think it over.

Convincing myself to slow it down and wait it out, was hard.  On average I get 10 emails per day frantically reminding me not to wait another day to follow your dreams, act now! Time is running out!!!

Simply put, before now I just wasn’t ready. I would get an idea, and immediately go at it with no plan, no ideas beyond the initial. Worse yet, I went about projects wrong. I’d try to combine multiple ideas. It’s tempting, but trust me, the minuscule amount of time saved is not worth confusing your readers.

The ol’ two birds, one stone attempt …. No. No. No. I’ve learned my lesson, one thing at a time from now on. Starting now. Go.

My first attempts at blogging have since been wiped from the web, and if fragments remain so help me delete them! Oh well. I have come to terms with my blogging mistakes, and do not regret them. Even if I wish sometimes I could forget them!


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