I’m Gonna Miss these Sebille Manor Trees

Last Shot of Kadena

From sunrise to sunset, every second spent in Okinawa has potential.

Starting to wonder how sunrise in our new home will compare with the past six years of tremendous variety of color and cloud formations.

The discovery is left to us, the spectators of natural beauty and constant motion. Photographers, we know when we must capture a moment … and treasure it for as long as our forever can be.
In the last days of our Kadena experience I realize this treetop view may be one of the things I miss most. While not the best picture, it holds a personal significance because it may very well be my last shot (at least from looking out my front door.)

The camera lens is chilled from the overnight a/c. The glass is struck by the subtropical morning breeze as I walk onto the porch.

The ultimate nemesis battle between nature and technology has begun. The hot muggy air wants to win. Not today.

Normally, I’m on nature’s side. Patient, knowing the lens will thaw naturally … but not this day.

The unexpected perfection of a morning horizon fades so quickly, there’s no time to wait for the fog to clear … No.

I’ve never seen clouds move so fast, like the Earth was in a hurry.

I know I’m not supposed to do it, but I wiped the foggy glass with the corner of my pajamas and shot it just in time.


The thick air fills the mornings. The lenses humidity fogged view from our front door on Kadena Air Base, Okinawa, JP. I’ve always enjoyed the sky behind those trees, morning and night, I’m going to miss this sight.

I LOVE being a photographer because I get to be both player and spectator!



Here is the same view shot at different moments in time:


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