The Effects of NOT Setting a Proper White Balance …

Doing research on dream interpretation; delving deep into the psyche today. Time for a coffee break.

Our neighborhood is so empty these days. Caught a glimpse of sunlight streaming in the door; sunrise will not wait for me to get dressed! Stepping on the porch in my unmentionables while the rest of world sleeps felt … liberating.

During my break I shot a RAW image of sunrise. It was shot handheld, filtered through the screen door. I love the way screens help diffuse & scatter light!  With a little help from the steamy Okinawa humidity, we got a nice soft, dreamy effect mixed with a drastic but natural vignette; straight out of camera, not post processed.

To be honest, I’m not sure whether I like this picture in its natural form. The original image had a green/orange color cast that I didn’t notice until it was too late, (because I used the previous white balance settings and was in too much of a hurry to bother). Removed the tint and play with color a bit I end up with the above three versions.

Of those, I’m leaning away from the natural orange, because it’s so overly color cast that it’s not at all “natural” but I can’t decide which I prefer.

Lesson learned…again. I honestly know better. I promise I do, but sometimes in the moments before I’ve had my coffee these things happen.

Bottom line, if you don’t get it right in camera … there may be no fixing it. Sometimes we get lucky and can fix a bad image in photoshop but you can’t make a bad image good, … only decent.

Break over … back to it.


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