How do YOU Blog?

Help Me - Dear Fellow BloggersBlogging. How do YOU manage it? Out of curiosity and in search of advice or tips from daily bloggers…

On different platforms and numerous blogs, I’ve been doing it for years and yet have not developed a daily routine. While I find that on a regular basis I’m bombarded with ideas for stories/articles … I have far too many images to post them all and shooting for each article is time consuming … I refuse to use stock images unless necessary since I’m a photographer myself it only makes sense.

Up until recently, this was meant to be a photography blog… About the images. Turns out I’m much more of a writer than expected. I cannot help but write something with an image … And then I tend to lose track …. As one thought leads to 10 more and so on… Next thing thing I know, I’m looking at my admin screen with a bunch of unfinished, outdated, not very well thought out private posts! Have you ever done this?

It should come down to planning. Just Sit Down and Plan it Out! That is my advice to myself that I don’t follow!

Now finally I have an official direction in mind for which I plan to take my blog into somewhat of a new category, although photography will absolutely remain always a huge part of everything I do, it is time for a change. Always changing yes,  but now I feel like I know WHAT my blog will be. Does that make sense?

This is an impulsive post so please forgive 🙂 seriously though, How do YOU do it?

Do you have any tricks that work for planning, self motivating, coordinating posts, etc? Any thoughts are helpful as I am finally ready to step up and take it to the next level!

Thank you in advance…. Jennie


3 thoughts on “How do YOU Blog?

  1. I use an editorial calendar to help me. My goal is to have a monthly calendar with posts or at the very least topics laid out for the next week. I keep a list (or several lists and a rainbow of sticky notes) with ideas that I’ll use as a reference. There are a lot of unfinished posts sitting in my draft folder too. I’ll try to pull one of those out to finish, polish and post each week. Of course, this is all a goal it doesn’t always happen, and when I travel for work, I have to get everything done up front and scheduled or it doesn’t work. Good luck!

    • Thanks for the reply and taking a moment to help a girl out! An editorial calendar huh? Definitely will check it out and see about sliding one onto my desk. I end up with “lists” of ideas… Scattered throughout paper notebooks, (digital) task or checklists, etc. I guess the problem I really run into lately is that many of the things I want to post about don’t really fit into any category. It’s been a struggle deciding what topics belong together and which to move to a whole new blog of their own… What do you do with ideas that just don’t belong anywhere?

      • I’m really trying very hard not to over think what I post, which isn’t easy for me. With my I Love Geekology 101 blog, I’ve given myself permission to write about whatever I’m excited about. My definition of “geek” is pretty broad, so that works. As much as I like to see my stats climb, I’m writing for me, and just hoping that somebody else likes it.

        My Energy Girl 101 blog is more focused. There is actually a specific audience in mind (energy industry professionals), so there are ideas that I’ll just put on the back burner until I can either find a thread to connect it to my audience or just write it and post it on my geek blog. For example, the way a really cool gadget designed with first responders in mind can be used in plants and refineries as well. I’ve posted some stuff that I realize later did not connect at all, but I just chalk it up to a learning experience and try to do better next time.

        The editorial calendar is something that I learned from the print and digital publications at the media company I work for. Mine is just a lot less structured and has less advanced planning. It does let me go back to see if there is something that could be part of a larger series, and if that’s the case, I’ll try to include a common tag and a common element in the title (even if I have to update stuff that’s already published). I also make sure to include links to previous posts that fit.

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