Artist Couple Builds a House of Windows

Inspiration greets us in so many forms. Today, this is my inspiration. A mini documentary that (for me) says it all.  Crammed seamlessly into just over 7 minutes is a rare truth and miraculous beauty that is symbolic of so much of what I love, appreciate, and crave out of life.

Nick and Lilah have built a dream of pure art through old windows. The architecture in itself looks majestically simple. If only we could have seen the design and building process of this house; that’s a full length documentary I’d love to watch!  Wouldn’t you? Especially if the film played an emotionally charged soundtrack just as this short film did… It was powerful.

Imagine laying on that white linen bed at night. Embracing the one you’re with and watching the constant change of landscape through each one of those story telling windows.  Or get a bit closer and look through just one piece of glass as it frames the fluctuating reality of a colorful horizon. It is both calm and turbulent. It is beautiful. It is erratic. It’s life changing. It’s nature. It is art. It is an Escape.

Thank you for creating such a wonderful film on an amazing work of art and the inspiring couple who brought it all to life.

The Creators:

Matt Glass and Jordan Wayne Long of Half Cut Tea


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