Donald Glover Posts Troubling Instagram Note, Speaks Of Fear And Loneliness

Donald Glover Posts Troubling Instagram Note, Speaks Of Fear And Loneliness.

The only thing troubling is the must-click-it title of this article. Normally I don’t waste my time reading stories like this but I’m glad I gave this one a chance.

The words written in these images to me feel REAL not “Troubling”.

I love that moment when you absolutely must pick up a pen and just write what you feel. It is so sporadic and oh so authentic when it hits… It’s either something you sit and dwell on, and once you scribble it’s gone. Or it shows up in the form of an epiphany or a thought from an unknown place where everything makes sense for a moment and if you don’t write it down, the loss of it will haunt you forever. Okay, that’s a tad dramatic but it’s true for those of us with an internal need to create.

For the creative mind the thought must be released. From there … you simply move forward.

To me, his outcry is true; it’s life; it’s art; it’s realism. Mr. Donald Glover wrote his real world, in the moment frights on a hotel notepad.  Not sure who this guy is but I’m definitely going to check out his work …  Oki done.  He is Childish Gambino.

Turns out, (because the internet) I have seen him before,  but I read somewhere that he’s trying to forget the particular video from which I recall him. So out of respect for personal growth I will not specifically mention it. (I understand and have myself posted things I wish I could drop from existence forever.  In my case, I’m not famous… so as far as I know I did successfully remove such potentially embarrassing posts forever! At least I sincerely hope so:) Good Luck Mr. Glover.

*A note to anyone reading this: My blog is not about celebrity news or rising stars, etc. I post what reaches out and grabs me… and these quick poetic Instagrams did that, they just jumped out and grabbed hold and said you must share.

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