Rainy Day: Looking Through the Glass

It was one of those beautiful blue sky days…and the second the engine stopped I noticed a drop, then two…by the time the third drop hit we were immersed in a torrential downpour.

Rainy Day in Kitanakagusuku

This is the view through the front windshield as we arrive at the 5th Annual Sunflower Festival or “Himawari Matsuri” in Kitanakgusuku in Okinawa, Japan 2013.

My daughter and I decided to go ahead and walk through the fields in the rain to see the sunflowers. Later, I will post a few of the images I shot in the rain that day. For now, I will just show my favorite image shot from the car, atop a hill in the parking lot that overlooks the fields of over 400,000 sunflowers.


Not sure of the distance but it was quite far away. Using my 55-300mm lens I could zoom in just close enough, using the window glass and the misty falling rain showers as a natural; almost dreamlike filter.


2 thoughts on “Rainy Day: Looking Through the Glass

    • Thank you my dear:) Wish you could have been with us at the Sunflower Festival … btw, I did reply months ago or at least I thought I did! I will blame it on our consistent power outages

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