Back to the Future by Phone

2013©Jennifer MartinezBack to the Future

Today, we called 65 years into the future from an old, dead, antenna phone. My 5-year-old daughter anxiously watched me tell my 95-year-old self to go out dancing and then stop for ice cream. The look on her face was beyond priceless!

Handing off the old beaten Motorola I asked her who she’d like to call. A short moment of thought led her to the decision that she wanted to call herself in the year 1970.

After explaining that neither her, nor I were alive in that year she decided to call grandma, who in 1970, would have been 8-years-old.

She dialed into the past and told her pre-teen grandmther that she should go ice skating someday.

Here’s the curious part. My mom did in fact go ice skating. On my 8th birthday, my mother took me and group of friends to the ice rink at King Louie’s in Kansas City. What an intriguingly coincidental end to our imaginative morning!

2013©Jennifer Martinez

What we Learned

  • This morning was potentially the most mind boggling playtime of our lives.
  • Imaginations ran wilder than usual and made the day exciting. Which we should make a point of doing more often.
  • If I’m still dancing and snarfing down waffle cones at 95, I may start to wonder about this day… but at least I’ll still be truly living!

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