Araha Beach in HDR

Stopped at Araha beach in Mihama, Okinawa last night. Let the kids play at the big pirate ship (which sits behind me in this picture) while I shot the twilight. I waited for the sun to show through the clouds for about 15 minutes.

Nope. Got all my gear packed and yelled at the kids and what do you know? The blood-red sun shows it’s face at a half circle above the horizon.  I had my gear unpacked, on tripod, and ready within 30-60 seconds (at most). I watched as the sun disappeared with a distant speed like I’ve never seen before. No picture taken, as I knew if I stuck my eye against the viewfinder… the moment would have been lost forever.  I’d rather end up with a lovely memory than a blurry, unusable image.

It was an amazing moment. Probably in the top 3 sunset experiences in my life to date.

Lesson learned… sometimes things… just aren’t meant to be.

Experience life as it is, when it’s happening, and accept it even when it’s less than ideal.

You never know, the shot you didn’t take may lead to a more rewarding shot in the end.  

Other photographers may agree, I am positive that this advice from my inner voice…as true as it may be…  is rarely heard by my trigger finger!  I still would have liked that blood-red sun sitting in my light box, but there’s always next time.

My 2nd HDR. This is more photo realistic in comparison to my 1st attempt as seen in a previous post. – Enjoy!

Araha Beach Okinawa, Japan HDR - 2012©Jennifer Martinez

Araha Beach Okinawa, Japan HDR – 2012©Jennifer Martinez


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