Things My 4-Year-Old Says

Once upon a time, a good friend of mine (don’t worry the whole thing won’t rhyme) Julie, told me that I should start blogging about the things my toddler says.

She called the sayings “Justicisms”.(Justice + ism)

Sometimes Justice would say things completely off the wall. Off topic sentences would fly from her mouth and still do. Everyone would look at each other and wonder WTF? We’d call it “Random” and go on about our business. After more of these thought inducing moments the term we used to describe it became “Randomness“. After many more shits and giggles, and through a joke of which I can’t recall we created the word “Randomnessnocity.”

Don’t ask. Just go with it.

The Martinez Kids at the Nago Central Park (Cherry Blossoms 2012)

My daughter, Justice is not a toddler anymore. She is now a little lady. Sometimes she says some interesting things out of the blue and completely outside the box. Other times they are just downright hilarious. Julie always said I should blog about it and unfortunately I never did. Although, I did record a few episodes on iPhone memos and in random notebooks spread throughout the house.

My goal is to try to bring the things she says to life by sharing with the world and remembering our Justicisms forever. Since I have a horrible memory I’m going to need to talk to Julie and her daughter to help refresh my memory on moments I know have already passed into the abyss that is the back of my mind.

My son, who has his own moments of 9-year-old randomnessnocity has been offered the opportunity to become a guest writer on my blog in the event he realizes any past or present Justicisms.

Today 4 yr. old Justice says

“The boys are outside chasing bees and trying to catch them.” I say “Well, you know those bees could sting?” she says “Yeah, and then they’ll go Nat-ur-ally Die!”

(It’s amazing as a mother to realize your child actually heard the what happens to bees after they sting speech you gave them a year ago!)

If only I had it recorded. Ya gotta know that any word that ends in -ly will be emphasized to the fullest in a Justicism. She has a tendency to break down ev-er-y syllable to get her point across and has done so since she was a toddler.

I’d love to hear your stories, so if you have a youngin’ pulling some doozies please do tell.


2 thoughts on “Things My 4-Year-Old Says

  1. My husband drew a photo of him and my two-year-old flying kites, and even though he wrote in big letters “Have a good day, I love you, Daddy,” my toddler still insists, “That says: ‘Don’t turn on the dripping water fountain’.”

    Now that he’s becoming more verbal, I look forward to many more kidisms from him 🙂

    • That is good. Ha! Justice does that as well! She refuses to learn how to read because she already “knows” what it says of course!

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