4-Year-Old Fashion

It’s a beautiful day in Okinawa. The sun is shining.

The must love MOM Moments start rolling in.

I’m thinking about starting my garden today and the kids are thinking about playing outside.

Sipping coffee, on my way out to start planting seeds, and I see my daughter walk down the stairs. Her wardrobe is a reflection of how she felt today I suppose. Torn between the soccer field and a ballet.  

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 She’s sporting a pink pair of athletic shorts underneath a vintage dress from the early 1980’s, and a tutu made by Grandma Barbie which is now 3 years too small but of course still rockable in a 4-year-old world.  To top it off, white crew socks and an old pair off black and pink Nike Air Jordans.  Do your thang girl!

My garden project halted for the fashion show and of course if I don’t stop and blog it now I never will!  I died laughing. It reminded me so much of Ace Ventura Pet Detective. The only thing missing was the football.   You remember the football playing ballerina in the looney bin right?!

My 9-year-old was mean muggin’ me all the while.

Son:  What’s so funny?

Mom: she looks like Ace Ventura, don’t you see it? 

Son: NO. What’s Ace Ventura?

Mom: The movie… the Pet Detective… haven’t you seen it? 

Of course, in this moment I realize he hasn’t seen the movie. Which reminds me how old the movie is. Which then reminds me of my age.

Another inevitable must love MOM Moment.

We googled “Ace Ventura football tutu” and got plenty of videos for him to watch and catch up.  Now I’m gonna need to go rent the movie.


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